Powerbank with Flashlight

Packed with 2,600mAh of power, you can recharge your mobile device in a pinch.
SKU: 300 3227

Pre-charged and ready to use, this 2,600mAh Powerbank can recharge your phone anywhere, anytime. Keep the Powerbank in a pocket or purse to power up your device in an emergency. An LED flashlight is built into the end of the Powerbank, double-click to turn the unit on or off. The double-click flashlight button helps to prevent accidental power drain.

Connect your device's charging cable to the USB-A port on the Powerbank and charging will begin immediately.

Includes power-in Micro-USB cable to recharge the Powerbank.

  • Packed with 2,600mAh of power
  • Built-in high-power LED flashlight
  • Includes power-in Micro-USB cable