Mack's Dry-N-Clear Ear Drying Drops

Annoyed by water stuck in your ear after a swim? Use Dry-N-Clear drops to dry out water fast without harming your ear.
SKU: 300 3371

Mack's Dry-N-Clear drops contain a unique moisturizing formula that dries out excess water while conditioning the delicate lining of the ear canal. As the official ear drying aid of USA Swimming, Mack's Ear Drying Drops are your first step to relieve the discomfort of water-clogged ears. Just 4-5 drops in the affected ear will get rid of that irritating sensation in no time at all. These ear drying drops are perfect for use after swimming, scuba diving, surfing or any other aquatic adventures.

Each bottle contains 1 fl. oz.

  • Prevents swimmer's ear
  • Formulated with unique moisturizing conditioners
  • Dries out excess water while keeping ear canal lubricated